Dirk Bernhardt-Walther

Principal Investigator

Curriculum Vitae
Dirk is a faculty member at the University of Toronto! Previously, he was an Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Ohio State from 2010-2014. Prior to that, Dirk studied physics, computer science, and …

John Wilder

Postdoctoral Researcher

John completed his PhD at Rutgers University working with Jacob Feldman, Eileen Kowler, and Manish Singh. While at Rutgers he also earned a MS in Computer Science. He completed his first Postdocs at …

Morteza Rezanejad

Postdoctoral Researcher

Morteza is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Toronto. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from McGill University where he was a Research Assistant in the Shape Analysis Group of Center for Intelligent Machines at McGill University …

Gaeun Son

Graduate Student

Gaeun is a Graduate Student! …

Ben Park

Graduate Student

I’m Ben and my overarching goal is to (learn to) exercise computer-assisted behavioral, EEG, and fMRI measures for the purpose of improving our overall cognition! …

Charlotte Leferink

Graduate Student

Charlotte is a 1st year PhD student.

Elizabeth Yue Zhou

Undergraduate Student

Elizabeth is currently working with “The analysis of image complexity with MSE” as an individual project student. The complexity of visual input, as a factor, has been assumed to be correlated to…

Amy Yu

Undergraduate Student

Hi I’m Amy and I’m currently a sophomore doing Psychology as well as Cognitive Science. As a ROP student, my interest is primarily on the perception of scenes…

Charlotte Hood

Undergraduate Student

Charlotte is a third year undergraduate student in a Neuroscience and Psychology double major. She is currently in a ROP position focusing on the perception of scenes in the real world and visual arts…

Ishita Doval

Undergraduate Student

Ishita is a second year undergraduate student pursuing a double major in Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto…

Leo Jiongtian Guo

Undergraduate Student

Leo is an undergraduate student …

Lauren Cao

Undergraduate Student

Lauren is an undergraduate independent project student. She is examining the influence of …

Fahad Ehsan

Lab Manager

Fahad is an undergraduate student who works as a lab manager for this year’s work-study position…

Hao(Peiyu) Yu

Undergraduate Student

Hi! I am a junior student working towards Computer Science specialist and Psychology major…


Dr. Heeyoung Choo (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Dr. Yaelan Jung (PhD Stduent)
Dr. Claudia Damiano (PhD Stduent)
Daniel Berman (PhD student)
Shichuan Du (PhD student)
Matthew Lowe (PhD student)
Ann Sheng (Undergraduate Student)
Yumna Farooq (Undergraduate Student)
Stephanie Posa (Undergraduate Student)
Ming Ma (Undergraduate Student)
Yishan Ma (Undergraduate Student)
Rebecca Trossman (Undergraduate Student)
Chuqi Wang (Undergraduate Student)
Mehnaz Ahmed (Undergraduate Student)
Amanda Kaczmarek (Undergraduate Student)
Thomas O’Connel (Undergraduate Student)
Sabrina Perfetto (Undergraduate Student)