Press coverage for the Scientific Reports article, “Neural codes of seeing architectural styles”
(Choo, H., Nasar, J., Nikrahei, B., Walther D.B., 2017).

What we can learn from “The Dress” (video)

Press coverage for the PNAS article, “Simple line drawings suffice for functional MRI decoding of natural scene categories”
(Walther D.B., Chai C., Caddigan E., Beck, D.M., Fei-Fei L., 2011).

Science Daily (May 16th, 2011): What’s in a Simple Line Drawing? Quite a Lot, Our Brains Say 

Psych Central (May 19th, 2011): Brain Connects the Dots in Line Drawings

The Behavioral Medicine Report (May 17th, 2011): Brain Imaging Shows That Visual Perception Is More Abstract Than Previously Thought

Metrolic (May 20th, 2011): Connecting The Dots

Press coverage for the PLoS ONE article, “Predicting Individuals’ Learning Success from Patterns of Pre-Learning MRI Activity”
(Vo L.T.K., Walther D.B., Kramer A.F., Erickson K.I., Boot W.R., et al, 2011).

Wired: Researchers Use MRI to Predict Your Gaming Prowess
“How can you tell if you’re a natural gaming pro? Researchers say they need look no further than your basal ganglia.”

Gamers’ Spot: Scientists Can Predict Your Gaming Skills By Scanning Your Head
“Do you suck at StarCraft II? Do the intricate combo moves of Street Fighter escape you? Maybe you need an MRI.”

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