About Us

Our Lab

Our lab is located on main floor of Sidney Smith Hall (room 521), next to the loading dock. There we have office space, a meeting room and two testing rooms for behavioral testing and eye tracking studies.

Our fMRI

Check out our brand new fMRI facility: the Toronto Neuroimaging Facility (TONI)!

Our Eye Tracking Technology

For eye tracking, we use an EyeLink 1000 Plus manufactured by SR research. This eye tracker is compatible with both desktop and tower mounts.


How does eye tracking work? The eye tracker uses a small video camera to record an  image of the left eye and reports to the experimenter a continuous stream of numbers that indicates eye position (indicated by pupil location and cornea reflection). To make the eye visible to the camera in the dark, a small infrared light is used to illuminate the eye. Specialized software on a dedicated computer analyzes the video obtained by the camera.


The University of Toronto is affiliated with many research institutes including the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest and the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).