Dirk Bernhardt-Walther

Principal Investigator

Curriculum Vitae
Dirk is a new faculty member at the University of Toronto! Previously, he was an Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Ohio State from 2010-2014. Prior to that, Dirk studied physics, computer science, and computational neuroscience in Leipzig (Germany), Cambridge (U.K.) …

Yaelan Jung

Graduate Student

Yaelan is a 2nd year PhD student. Her research uses fMRI to identify regions of the brain which store amodal representations of scenes.

Claudia Damiano

Graduate Student

Claudia is a second year PhD student. She is investigating how bottom-up information (e.g., visual complexity of scenes) and top-down information (e.g., emotional state or frame of mind) interact in the brain to produce perception and behaviour. When she is not in the lab, she is most likely planning a new adventure to a far away land or …

Ann Sheng

Undergraduate Student

Ann is a fourth year undergraduate student completing a specialist in Neuroscience and minor in Computer Science. Her project in the BW Lab investigates how artistic training affects the characteristics of line drawings of scenes, using a custom drawing software she developed as a second-year research project. Besides …


Nicole Telidis (MA student)
Dr. Heeyoung Choo (Postdoctoral Researcher)